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Sugar - Sound Sensor Module

Sugar Cube Sound Intensity Module.png


Signal:Analog output0~3.3V Corresponding to the Future Board Lite0~4096

Module Principle

The sound sensor works based on the principle of piezoelectricity. When a sound wave hits the surface of the sensor, the piezoelectric material inside the sensor generates a tiny charge change, which can be measured and converted into a digital signal. In addition, the sound sensor also requires a pre-amplifier to amplify the charge change signal and filter out other types of interference signals.


Futublock Lite Mainboard 3 - Copy.png

Futublock Lite InterfaceCable
Sugar Cube Sound Intensity Module.pngSugar Cube Sound Sensor ModulePort3White PH2.0-3Pin Interface Cableuntitled.100.png

warning Support connecting to Port1, Port2, Port3, Port4 Pay attention to the consistency of interface and actual situation when programming

Blocks - Function Description

No.Block ImageBlock Function
1image-20240316161337435Reads the output value of the module, range 0-4096, the louder the sound, the greater the value
2image-20240316161319076Converts value, mapping method is

Block 1 - Full program


Block 1 - Function Description

Set the color screen to full color pixel mode, and turn off the auto refresh mode. blocksPng-1710578233232

warning Read the value of sound sensor, and set a threshold, when the value is over the threshold, the screen displays red, otherwise displays green. The threshold can be modified according to the actual situation. blocksPng-1710578238076

tips Display the value of sound sensor on the color screen. blocksPng-1710578242356

Program 2 - Complete Program


Block 2 - Functions Explained

warning Set the display to full color pixel mode and turn off auto refresh mode.


Draw three concentric circles that represent three levels of sound. blocksPng-1710578574198

Convert the value from the sound sensor to a value that can be displayed as the radius of a circle on the screen.

  • How mapping works

For example, if the value of x is between 0 and 4096. Our display can't show a rectangle with a height of 4096 pixels, but it can show a rectangle with a maximum height of 100 pixels. We can use mapping to convert the value to a smaller number.

Let's say the current reading from the raindrop water level sensor is X = 2000. Using the mapping parameters in the diagram, we get = 2000x((60-0)/(4096-0))=29.296 Since the display variable does not support displaying decimals directly, we convert it to an integer.


Using Kittenblock

Run the program offline to view the effect

Using on Microbit


Programming Platform

Microsoft MakeCode for micro:bit Programming with MakeCode platform

Add the Sugar plugin

image-20240311154521941 image.png

Search Sugar in the extensions, click Add