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SumoBot 12-in-1 Kit

SumoBot 12-in-1 Kit

SumoBot 12-in-1 Kit is a competitive play set designed for BBC Micro:bit.

Through building and programming different models, students can engage in competitive games and simultaneously increase their interests in coding and engineering.


  • Micro:bit(Optional)x1
  • Micro:bit Silicone sleeve x1
  • Robotbit v2.2 x1
  • Robotbit Case x1
  • Five-way Line-following Sensor x1
  • KittenBot Ultrasonic Sensor x1
  • KittenBot PCB Button Module x2
  • Geekservo 9g Red Motor x2
  • Geekservo 9g Grey Servo x1
  • 18650 Li-ion Battery x1
  • 65mm Rubber wheels x2
  • KittenBot 1m microUSB x1
  • DuPont Wire 20P
  • Building Bricks 1 pack


  • Learning by playing

  • Allows easy expansion via building bricks

  • Easy-to-pick-up programming

  • Easy-to-build models

  • Designed for Micro:bit

  • Compatible with other Kittenbot products

Demonstration Video


1. SumoBot

Attack the opponent using the robot's horn and push it out of the arena, or enter defensive mode to protect your robot from attacks.

2. Flag Swiper

Use the arm to swipe down the flags on the opponent.

3. RoboPusher

Make use of its agility to retrieve important resources from the arena.

4. Punching Mantis

Use the fists to knock down the opponent.

5. RoboCatcher

Use the shield to protect the resources from the oppoents, it can also avoid obstacles automatically.

6. RoboDino

Use the horn to damage the opponent.

7. Sumo Wrestler

Use its huge body and pushing power to push the opponent out of the arena.

8. RoboFootballer

Use its agility to score by kicking the football into the goal.

9. RoadBlock Smasher

Use the big jaws to build roadblocks in the arena and clear the roadblocks built by the opponent.

10. Speed Racer

This is a robot designed for speed, use your skills to beat the other racers.

11. Battle Turret

A robot capable of long-range artillery, aim and shoot the rubberband to knock the opponents.

12. Smart Toilet Tissue Machine

Gives you toilet tissue automatically.