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🛒 Kittenbot-Rosbot

Product Description

Rosbot is a robot controller board based on Arduino UNO, it has the same main control chip as UNO, but it has built-in motor drive, optimized serial communication interface, and structure compatibility and Raspberry Pi compatibility are the advantages of Rosbot.


  • On board multifunctional motor drive, meet the requirements of robot car making
  • MicroUSB is used for download port
  • Onboard standard M3 copper column fixing hole for easy installation and fixing
  • WIFI interface is led out, no need to directly insert WIFI module with DuPont line
  • Raspberry Pi serial port wire sequence solder pad, if necessary, can be soldered with 10P socket directly inserted and fixed on Raspberry Pi

Ideal Use-Cases for Rosbot

  • Arduino training institutions
  • Personal users who want to use Arduino programming to do robot projects


Dimensions65 x 60 x 10 mm
Main ControllerMEGA328P(arduinoUNO)
USB SerialCH340
Working Voltage5V (With Overcurrent / Self recovery fuse)
Input Voltage5V(USB)、6~12V (External DC connector)
Digital In/Out8
Analog Pins6
Motor DriverDRV8833

Hardware Details


  • Digital I/O: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13
  • Analog I/O: A0-A5
  • DC motor interface: 4
  • Stepper motor interface: 2
  • PWM servo interface: 10
  • Expansion interface:
    • I2C interface
    • Raspberry Pi interface
    • WIFI/Bluetooth interface
  • Serial port function: support external output