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Sugar - RGB Ring Light




Signal Time-Series Signal

Module Principle

The colored LED lamp bead has a lamp controller directly built-in, in addition to the 3-color LED. This is called the IC lamp bead. You only need to input a 24-bit RGB control signal, and it will automatically generate a drive pwm signal internally. It also has built-in signal forwarding. For continuous input signals, after intercepting the first 24 bits, the following data is automatically forwarded from the DOUT port to the next lamp bead.

Coding Blocks

Building Blocks - Function Description

IDBuilding Block ImageBuilding Block Function
1image-20240316174951835Colorful lights initialization settings. You can choose the 3 RGBs on board or the light ring of other interfaces. External light rings generally use 8 RGBs
2image-20240316174959895Synthesize color display by customizing three colors
3image-20240316175004829Set the brightness of RGB colorful lights, 0-100
4image-20240316175011381Control the color of the colorful light with the specified serial number. The serial number starts from 1. Refresh display needs to be added later to take effect
5image-20240316175018111Customize the values of the three color lamp beads inside the lamp bead to control the color of the colorful light

Control the display color of all colorful lights. It can take effect without adding refresh display
7image-20240316175028861Turn off the light with the specified serial number, and refresh the display later to take effect
8image-20240316175034830Control the display color of all colorful lights. It can take effect without adding refresh display
9image-20240316175039220Control all colorful lights to turn off, and it can take effect without adding refresh display
10image-20240316175043494Make the colorful light display take effect
11image-20240316175047798Set the overall effect of all lights


Brightness Control - Breathing Light


Sequence Control - Flowing Light


View the preset effect

📑: It is recommended that you use the online mode and click directly to view the preset effect. It is convenient and quick.


Using On Microbit


Coding Platform

Microsoft MakeCode for micro:bit Use Makecode coding platform

Add plug-in



Search for sugar in the extension, click add


Circuit Connection


Microbit InterfaceCable Used
IMG_4009.JPGRGB Light RingP0White PH2.0-3Pin Interface Cableuntitled.100.png

Building Blocks - Function Description

IDBuilding Block ImageBuilding Block Function
1image-20240316173300763Initialize pins and number of lights
2image-20240316173314631Take a range of LEDs
3image-20240316173341142The whole light strip displays rainbow effect
4image-20240316173348199The whole light strip displays one color
5image-20240316173401215The whole light strip, as a whole, displays columnar, suitable for music spectrum
6image-20240316173738477Display needs to take effect when controlling a small number of lights
8image-20240316173454862Customize LED display
9image-20240316173502309Overall movement
10image-20240316173508197Overall movement (loop), head and tail loop
11image-20240316173524903Control a single LED. The light starts from the serial number of 0 as the first one
12image-20240316173532964Control the brightness of the light strip
13image-20240316173541222Customize the value of LED color

## Case 1: Controlling a single light


Case 2: Rainbow Effect


Case 3: Overall Colour Control


Case 4: Display column charts


Example 5: Display mobile



Case 6: Pixel Cycle Moving


Case 7: Customize color