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Sugar - I2C Hub Module


Signal:Time-series signal-I2C protocol

Module Principle

When the I2C interface of Futureboard Lite is not enough, this module can be used to expand multiple I2C electronic modules


Futureboard Lite Mainboard 3 - 副本.png

Futureboard Lite InterfaceWire Harness
Sugar Cube I2C Hub Module.pngSugar Cube I2C Hub ModuleI2CBlack PH2.0-4Pin Interface Wire Harnessuntitled.108.png

Supports any I2C interface

Using on Microbit


Programming Platform

Microsoft MakeCode for micro:bit Use Makecode programming platform

Add Sugar cube extension

image-20240311154521941image.png Search for Sugar in the extensions, click add, and then select the various I2c modules