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Sugar - GPS Module



Product Details

Fangtang GPS is a multi-mode satellite navigation and positioning module that supports satellite positioning systems such as BeiDou 3rd generation/GPS/GLONASS, and supports multi-system joint positioning and single-system independent positioning modules. It is based on a highly sensitive positioning chip, which can provide accurate positioning information and is suitable for various positioning applications, such as in-vehicle navigation, IoT device tracking, etc. The module adopts an integrated RF baseband design, integrating DC/DC, LDO, RF front end, low-power application processor, RAM, Flash storage, RTC and power management, which can be powered by button battery or farad capacitor to RTC, backup RAM to reduce the first positioning time, can be widely used in vehicle positioning and navigation equipment, high-precision timing, safety monitoring, surveying and mapping, precision agriculture and other fields that require navigation/positioning/timing.

Hardware Features

  1. Dual-mode positioning: Supports simultaneous use of GPS and Beidou satellite systems for positioning, providing stronger positioning coverage and accuracy.
  2. High sensitivity: Has a high-sensitivity positioning chip, which can quickly obtain positioning signals in complex environments.

Applicable fields

In-vehicle navigation, tracking of IoT devices, location-based services, etc.

Product Parameters

Product Size40 x 40 x 17 mm, 4 Lego pin holes
Communication ProtocolSerial communication, baud rate 115200
Supported MotherboardsFuture Board Lite, Future Board, Micro:bit
Positioning ModeGPS+BDS or GPS+GLONASS multi-system joint positioning, supports A-GNSS assisted positioning
High SensitivityCapture Cold start -148dBm, hot start -156dBm, tracking -162dBm
Positioning Time** **Pure hardware cold start (<32S)
Pure hardware hot start (<1S)
Pure hardware recapture (<1S)
Software-assisted A-GNSS (<5S)
Horizontal Positioning Accuracy2m
Speed Accuracy0.1m/s
Timing Accuracy30ns
AntennaInternal 3.3V active antenna power supply circuit and detection circuit
Output FormatNMEA0183 V4.1 and previous versions
Application ScenariosVehicle navigation, IoT device tracking, positioning services, etc.

Usage on Futureboard Lite

Using Futureboard Lite as an example, obtain longitude and latitude information via GPS module

Hardware Wiring:

The communication interface of the GPS module is a serial port, thus it is connected to the UART0 interface of Futureboard Lite image.png Software Programming:

  • Open Kittenblock, select Futureboard Lite as the hardware, and connect the serial port image-20240315123103539

    Load the GPS module plugin image-20240315123126302



  • Write the program Program logic: Detect whether GPS information has been received. When GPS information is received, display it on the screen. Otherwise, display a prompt on the screen to move to an open area. blocksPng-1710484621252

  • Download the program img

Usage on Microbit


Coding Platforms

Microsoft MakeCode for micro:bit Use Makecode Coding Platform

Adding Sugar plugin

image-20240311154521941image.png Search Sugar in Extensions, click add

Building Blocks Function Description


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can the GPS module not be used indoors? A: The GPS module needs to receive satellite signals, and can only receive signals in open outdoor spaces. Q: Where else can the GPS module be used besides for positioning? A: The GPS module can provide latitude and longitude information, as well as UTC time and altitude information. Q: What is the positioning accuracy of the GPS module? A: 2 meters Q: Can the GPS module display a positioning map on the screen of the motherboard? A: No, the performance is insufficient. Special hardware and software are required to achieve this positioning effect.