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02-Acutator Control

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Control of Servo and Motor-based Components

Module Introduction

Actuator DrivesDescription
MotorControl a motor at a specified speed.
Dual MotorControl two motors simultaneously.
Timed Dual MotorRun two motors and stop them after a specified time period.
Quad MotorControl four motors simultaneously.
Stop MotorsStop all running motors.
Stepper MotorMove a stepper motor a specified distance.
RotateRotate to a specified angle.
Dual Motor AdvancedAdvanced dual-motor operation for initialization. Refer to the stepper motor datasheet for parameter details.
Stepper Motor SpacingSet the wheel spacing for two stepper motors.
Car TurnMake the car turn at a specified degree.
Regular ServoSet the angle for standard servos (e.g., blue 9g servos). The speed refers to the rotation speed; higher values mean faster rotation.
Geekserver 9g ServoSet the angle for Geekserver 9g servos.

Example Programs

Variable Speed Motor

  • Wiring
    Wiring Diagram
  • Code
    Code Diagram

Knob-Controlled Servo

  • Wiring
    Wiring Diagram

  • Code
    Code Diagram