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02 Partslist

Here is the parts list of Health Care Educational AI Kit, please check and make sure there are no missing components.

List of electronic components

  • Armourbit Expansion Board x1
  • Armourbit Battery Box x1
  • 2KG GeekServo Servos x2
  • 2KG GeekServo Motors x2
  • KOI AI Camera x1
  • Infra-Red Temperature Sensor x1
  • 18650 Rechargeable Battery x1
  • RGB LED Matrix Module x1
  • Water Pump+Water Tank x1
  • 4pin Cables x4
  • 3pin Cable x1
  • 1m USB Cable x1
  • Building Bricks(200 Pieces) x1
  • Black Tape x1
  • Instructions x1
  • Micro:bit Silicon Jacket x1
  • Decoration Cards x1
  • MicroSD Card x1

List of building blocks

Parts List Download

Download As PDF