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Product Details

KOI2 is an AI camera module based on the K210 chip from KittenBot Technology, which aims to combine advanced AI technology and high-performance embedded systems to provide strong support for visual recognition and intelligent AI applications. It comes with hardware such as a screen, camera, speaker, microphone, and buttons, which can fully unleash the capabilities of AI applications. It has a front and rear flip camera, a plastic case with Lego structural holes, providing a richer and more convenient building form, meeting the classroom and project needs of educational scenarios. We provide friendly Kittenblock plug-ins and Makecode plug-ins, which combine KOI2 with the main control board to use graphical programming to explore the new world of AI.


  • Complete AI functionality to meet the needs of AI projects
  • Flippable camera for greater flexibility
  • Seamless integration of graphical and code programming, suitable for both beginners and makers
  • Ability to independently train machine models


  • Training institutions carrying out artificial intelligence teaching
  • School artificial intelligence project teaching and project demonstration
  • Personal AI works creation

Parameter Details

Dimensions5.5 x 4 x 2.5 cm
Net Weight27.5g
Operating Voltage5v
Output Current200mA
Onboard Resources640x480 RGB Camera, Audio Input / Output, SD Card Slot, 1.3" 240x240 IPS Screen Display, Programming 2 Buttons, 1 Reset Button, WIFI (ESP32 C3)
Programming PlatformMakecode, Kittenblock, Arduino IDE
Communication MethodUART/USB (Instruction Communication)
Supported HostsMicro:bit, Future Board, Future Board Lite, Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Interface and Structure Guidelines


Function List

Screen direction controlBasic function
Screen character displayBasic function
On-board AB buttonsBasic function
Recording and playbackBasic function
Photo saveBasic function
MQTTInternet of Things IOTRemote data upload
Color block trackingTrack color blocks of specific colors. Built-in several colors, and custom learning colors are also availableColor block object handling
Line trackingTrack lines of specific colors. Built-in several colors, and custom learning colors are also availableLine tracking car
Face detectionAttribute, gender, smile, glasses, open mouth, number of peopleFace tracking cloud platform
Mask recognitionDetect whether a mask is wornMask protection detection
Feature classificationMachine learning feature classification, unlimited number of classificationsRock-paper-scissors robot
Garbage classification deviceSpecific object recognition
QR codeCommon QR code recognitionBook lending system
BarcodeCommon barcode recognitionUnmanned supermarket scanning
Letter recognition A~FOnly applicable to the supporting letter cards provided by KittenBot
Number recognition 0~9Only applicable to the supporting number cards provided by KittenBotIntelligent arithmetic
Traffic sign recognitionOnly applicable to the supporting traffic sign cards provided by KittenBotAI traffic competition
Common object recognition20 common objects.
Plane, ship, bicycle, bus, car, motorcycle, train
Bird, horse, cow, sheep, human, cat, dog
Bottle, chair, table, potted plant, sofa, TVObject recognition experience
Self-training modelSelf-training models are used for letter, number, traffic sign, and common object recognition, which is different from feature classification and can recognize the position and size of objects. It requires self-photographing, calibration, and training, which is suitable for advanced players.Self-training specific object tracking

Differences between KOI2 and KOI1 Appearance

  • Startup screen:





  • USB port KOI2's USB port is a Type-C interface KOI's USB interface is a Micro USB interface

KOI2 vs. KOI Functionality Comparison

Since its launch, KittenBot's KOI artificial intelligence module has been widely loved by students and teachers for its powerful functionality and educational design. In 2024, KittenBot upgraded the KOI firmware and optimized its hardware, renaming it KOI2. To meet the needs of certain competitions and creative projects, the new firmware adds mask recognition, letter recognition, number recognition, traffic sign recognition, general recognition of 20 objects, and self-training models. (Due to limited internal space, functions with poor performance have been removed.) KOI's overall frame rate has been increased, and its overall framework has been optimized, with more reasonable communication and memory allocation.

Recording and playbackRecording and playback (consistent)
Screen orientation controlScreen orientation control (consistent)
Onboard AB buttonsOnboard AB buttons (consistent)
Screen character displayScreen character display (consistent)
Photo storagePhoto storage (consistent)
MQTTMQTT (consistent)
Color block trackingColor block tracking (frame rate optimization, built-in colors added)
Line trackingLine tracking (frame rate optimization)
Face detectionFace detection (4 new attributes added: gender, smile, glasses, open mouth, number of people)
Feature classification (40 image limit)Feature classification (optimized, no limit on number of categories)
ApriltagApriltag (recognition optimization)
QR codeQR code (recognition optimization)
BarcodeBarcode (recognition optimization)
Geometric shape trackingGeometric shape tracking (removed)
Cloud speech synthesisSpeech synthesis (removed)
Cloud face recognitionCloud face recognition (removed)
Speech recognition (tone)Speech recognition (removed)
Mask recognition (new)
Letter recognition A~F (new)
Number recognition 0~9 (new)
Traffic sign recognition (new)
General recognition of 20 objects (new)
Self-training model (new)